Heartbreaking Letter From Jan. 6 Prisoner in Solitary Confinement!

The Gateway Pundit

Jonathan Mellis, a detainee from January 6th, wrote us from solitary confinement last week.

Mellis has been detained without bond since his arrest in February. In May, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan denied his request to be released from custody for a week so he could attend his fatherโ€™s funeral.

Here is the direct letter from Jonathan Mellis addressing the American people:

โ€œMy name in Jonathan Mellis. I am a January 6 Capitol detainee being held in the DC jail. In the last 7 months I have experienced and witnessed the most inhumane and hateful treatment of my 34 years of life.

The DOJ and the Biden Administration are doing everything in their power to break me…

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