‘THE AUDACITY’: Hollywood Celebrities Trash America For July 4th


Hollywood celebrities rejected any sense of patriotism this July 4 and used the Independence Day holiday weekend to trash the United States as an oppressive country where women can’t get abortions, racism is rampant, and former President Donald Trump is still a free man and on the loose.

Stars including Barbra Streisand, Jessica Chastain, Bette Midler, Ron Perlman, and Rob Reiner took turns bashing the country and mocking the idea of “independence.” Their anger comes at a time when the left is promoting the wholesale rejection of July 4, along with the belief that the U.S. and its founding institutions — especially the Supreme Court — are illegitimate.

Barbra Streisand helped lead the charge, sounding the alarm over Trump by claiming “our democratic republic remains in danger” because of the former president.

Twitchy adds:

The audacity, indeed.

There’s absolutely nothing inherently wrong with choosing surrogacy to grow your family. Jessica is fortunate in that she is wealthy enough to be able to afford such an expensive process. One might even call her privileged.

The real problem with Jessica Chastain’s “reproductive rights” BS is that if anyone in this scenario can be accused of “forced birth,” it’s Chastain. In using a surrogate not once, but twice, she is guilty of effectively forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term multiple times. Yes, the surrogate was paid for her services, but Chastain was still using another woman’s body to carry and grow those clumps of cells.

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