Hollywood Conservative Kevin Sorbo Only Needs 11 Words To Hilariously Summarize Joe Biden’s Presidency

Blue State Conservative

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Hercules is back at the social media takedowns, sparring with unreasonable leftists using common sense and straightforward observations. Indoctrinated fools simply don’t know what to do with this information. Yeah…b-b-b-ut Trump!

Wayne Dupree’s site started with the set up and the compliments:

“Kevin Sorbo doesn’t get enough credit for being a gifted wordsmith…Kevin is always very witty and has the ability to trigger the left like crazy. And he’s done it again – one tweet, 11-words, and he sliced and diced poor ol’ joe like a turnip.”

The tweet that “sliced and diced” Sleepy Brandon was the following:

“Store shelves under Biden are as packed as his rallies were.”

It’s sad, true, and everything else all at the same time. It was also predictable. We KNEW Brandon and his team of corrupt Democrats would destroy this country. They’ve been saying it for decades. Obama wanted to “transform” this once-great nation back in 2008. Modern-day Democrats hate capitalism, hate merit-based programs, and hate individual freedom. What else did we expect to happen under this demented demon?

I have started asking this question a lot, and since I don’t care if I lose friends over it at this point, I ask my known leftist friends right to their face: What can Biden do to make you not vote for him (or any Democrat) in 2024? It’s not a mean question, but it makes them uncomfortable beyond imagination.

I get it. You won’t vote Republican (who sell us out most of the time anyways). But that doesn’t mean you have to vote for Democrats.

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