‘Holy crap! Liz Cheney just falsely claimed she is the ranking member’: Mollie Hemingway Says ‘Huge, huge legal implications’


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On Thursday’s episode of “Special Report with Bret Baier,” Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) appeared on the program to discuss the anniversary of January 6, during which she threw many of her fellow Republicans under the bus. There also appeared to be confusion about Cheney’s title and membership on the committee.

As he closed the segment, Baier stated he wished to speak about the “kind of process,” as he asked about Cheney’s title and role on the committee. “You’re the co-chair of the January 6 committee, Speaker Pelosi put you in that position. Who’s the ranking member of the committee?”

Rep. Cheney correctly stated, “I’m not the co-chair. Chairman [Bennie] Thompson is the chairman.” When Baier offered that Cheney was the vice chair, she then correctly stated that she was.

She should have stopped there.

Cheney then went on to try to claim that she was the ranking member. “And I am the ranking Republican member by nature of when I was appointed.”

The congresswoman then went on to criticize Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), as part of “some on the Republican side who are attempting to obstruct the work of the committee,” as she mentioned he “has been sending letters to federal agencies claiming that he is the ranking member of the committee, which he’s not.”

Rep. Cheney threw House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) under the bus as well.

“This committee is a bipartisan committee. It was constituted completely in accordance with the rules of the House and with the rules of resolution that created it. And Minority Leader McCarthy refused to name people. He pulled back all of the people that he had appointed to the committee. We are working in a nonpartisan fashion and we are going to get our work done despite attempts to try to block and obstruct,” she claimed.

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