Hopeful AZ Governor Kari Lake Goes Ballistic On Media Blackballing Of 2000 Mules [VIDEO]

The Blue State Conservative

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Have you seen Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2000 Mules”? If not, I highly suggest you watch it and encourage others to watch it, as well.

It’s a ballot-harvesting blueprint that shows exactly what they did to steal the 2020 election, and it uses actual surveillance footage to reveal how they did it.

It’s a bombshell revelation and curiously, conservative-leaning news networks are not all that interested in talking about it.

Dinesh said that Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson actually instructed his staff and a guest not to discuss the movie, and he also said Newsmax randomly canceled his interview to discuss the film.

So what gives?

Well, President Trump’s amazing AZ governor candidate has a plan she just unleashed to bypass these networks who don’t want to talk about “2000 Mules” and she shows below, exactly how it’s done.

Here’s what Kari said: “The Left will do anything to distract America from @DineshDSouza’s 2000 Miles movie. Do not stop talking about it. If networks don’t want to cover it, force them to. Send it to everyone you know. This is black & white proof that cannot be refuted. Next, we need 2000 Arrests.”

That was artistry in motion… well done, Kari, and thank you for bringing more attention to “2000 Mules.”

That’s how you do it, folks, if they won’t talk about it, you force them to.

Shove their faces in it and make them look at what’s happening and respond to it.

Sick and tired of these so-called “conservative-leaning” news networks, treating their viewers like garbage and refusing to discuss the one issue that has most conservatives up in arms.

If we don’t have fair and honest elections, we’ve got nothing.


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