HORRIBLE! Female Journalist SCREAMS IN PAIN After She’s Allegedly “Shot” With Non-Lethal Weapon By Justin Trudeau’s Storm Troopers [VIDEO]

100% Fed Up

Last night, the situation in Ottawa took a frightening turn, as brave protesters stood firm in the face of tyranny in their fight for freedom.

As Canadian truckers protesting for freedom from authoritarian COVID mandates and restrictions remained on the streets of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, armored tanks rolled in, accompanied by hundreds of police officers determined to shut down their peaceful protest.

Drew Hernandez captured an incredible scene of Rebel News reporter Alexandra Lavoie, who was allegedly shot in the head with a non-lethal weapon while covering the police conflict with the protesters.

For those peaceful protesters who refused to back down, they were brutalized by law enforcement under the direction of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

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