HORROR! Biden Regime Sends FBI Jackboots to Break Down Door of School Board Activist Sherronna Bishop – Cuff Her and Abuse Her Children (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit

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This is very disturbing.

On Saturday morning Sherronna Bishop joined Steve Bannon on The War Room after the FBI busted down her front door and terrorized her family on Tuesday morning.

The FBI agents rammed down her door and terrorized her home-schooled children.

Sherronna Bishop helped flip 9 local school boards to the power of parents in recent elections. This was the thanks she got from the FBI jackboots.

They took a battering ram to her door. And they left with the door unable to shut closed. The FBI walked Sherronna outside and handcuffed her outside in front of her children and neighbors.

Sherronna told Steve her children were watching this through the window. One of the agents grabbed her daughter by her hoodie and dragged her around the house.

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