How Biden’s Brother Peddled Influence; New Docs, More Shady Deals Discovered

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U.S. Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) joined Fox News’s Jesse Watters Thursday and alleged the Biden family, and specifically President Joe Biden’s brother, James, used the family name to peddle influence and gain business funding from Middle East entities.

One company was evidently forced into bankruptcy after James Biden convinced the business to loan him $500,000 with the promise he would use his name to “open doors” and acquire massive sums of cash from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Biden was subsequently unable to repay the loan.

“Who are Jim Biden’s friends in the Middle East?” Watters asked. “Is the Biden family in bed with the Saudis now? The kingdom that’s in bed with Russia, helping keep gas prices high?”

“This is very serious. This is the first time that we have evidence that the Bidens have tried to peddle influence in the Middle East, specifically in Saudi Arabia,” Comer asserted. “So James Biden somehow got hooked in with a small health care startup called Americore Holdings. And like any small startup, they need capital. And James Biden made the pitch that if they worked with him, he could use the Biden family name and capitalize on that by getting them funding from the Middle East.”

Watters noted that recently, over 150 reports of suspicious activity – an unprecedented number in the history of the program – were found in association with the Biden family’s financial transactions, and Hunter Biden is facing possible federal charges involving prostitution to boot.

“So when you look at the suspicious activity report that you mentioned earlier — all the bank violations on the accounts that Hunter Biden and James Biden had. I always found that odd because most suspicious activity reports in states like Kentucky and Tennessee, they’re generated from foreign transactions specifically in the Middle East, because these were created after September the 11th to try to track terrorists funneling groups into American terror cells, and it’s expanded to include things like money laundering now.”

Comer added, “So now we have further evidence that links not just Hunter Biden but James Biden into a new country that’s an adversary of ours in the Middle East.”

Watters concluded, “Alright, let’s see if we can get some more information from ‘ol Janet Yellen. [We’ll] keep our fingers crossed.”

Comer, for his part, tweeted last week a commitment to holding Hunter Biden accountable for his shady business dealings should the GOP win back control of the House and Senate. A tweet to hang on to for sure, since Republicans are notorious for talking a big game but never wielding power when it’s granted to them.

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