How Did Democrats Become so out of Touch with the American People?

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The president of the United States, equal parts senescent and feckless, garners record-shattering low approval ratings seemingly each week. This week, a new Quinnipiac University survey found that a paltry 31 percent of Americans approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his job. Among political independents, that number is, somehow, considerably lower: 23 percent approval, compared with 67 percent disapproval. Overall, nearly three-quarters of Americans hope that Biden does not seek a second term in office.

The transformation of the Democrats from a working man’s labor party into today’s identity politics-driven woke monstrosity did not transpire overnight, but that transformation is now complete.

It is not difficult to figure out why. The republic is not in good shape. Unforced foreign policy blunders, such as the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, embarrass America on the world stage. Our homeland territorial integrity has never been more undermined, as a wide-open southern border permits an unprecedented flow of smugglers, traffickers and other miscreants. Homicide and other violent crime, which skyrocketed in the 2020 “summer of love” riots, continue to spike; the New York City subway is unsafe, and Chicago is a veritable war zone. Mobocracy runs amok; a sitting Supreme Court justice just faced a near-assassination attempt. Inflation, now over 9 percent and smacking those lower on the economic ladder, is at a four-decade high; the national average for gasoline is well over $4 per gallon.

Yet, amidst these remarkable challenges confronting the American people, the Biden Administration and Democratic Party elites would rather focus on the overarching imperatives of climate change hysteria, abortion up until birth and a faraway war in Eastern Europe that has become utterly disconnected from the American national interest. This raises the obvious, but nonetheless crucial, question: How, exactly, did modern Democrats become this out of touch with the American people?

Energy policy is perhaps the best example. Most lower- and middle-income Americans drive cars or trucks as part of their daily commutes; they cannot resort to urban rail, let alone the “work from home” that has become a post-COVID hallmark of the professional-managerial laptop class. Bank account-busting gasoline prices directly cut into stagnant wages, affecting blue-collar families’ very ability to put food on the table.

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