How Google’s Algorithms Work to Censor You and Why You Must Act to Stop It

Newt's World: Google Leaks - Censorship Exposed

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As a Google whistleblower Vorhies walked out 950 pages of Google internal documents to the Department of Justice anti trust division detailing Google’s extensive censorship project. This project is called “Machine Learning Fairness”, which has already corrupted Google Search, YouTube and News products. This, along with various black lists and secret page rank scores, is being used by Google to manipulate public opinion according to a hidden agenda.

Research shows biased search rankings can shift voting preferences of undecided voters from a 50-50% split to a 10-90% in either direction. Whoever controls the ranking of information for the general public rules the world.

The goal of Jack Vorhies, and his book “Google Leaks – Censorship Exposed,” is to expose how Google’s algorithms work to censor you, and how they distort search results. The hope is that by exposing it we can stop Google from seizing power.

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