How Well Does the ‘Fauci Ouchi’ Protect You Against the Variants?

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Just as coronavirus vaccinations are ramping up, a bunch of new variants are here, threatening to muck everything up. Will the current jabs still work, or is this the pandemic that never ends?

To find out, listen to Dr. Ben Reis Harvard Medical School. Ben went to Israel to do a big study on all this. He was looking at whether Israel’s vaccination campaign was actually working — particularly with the new variants around. He also discusses research on Germany’s results.

Biochemist Prof. Pei-Yong Shi, professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, helped create the Pfizer vaccine. He’s been looking at a bunch of variants – to see if they might foil the vaccine he worked so hard on.

Virologist Prof. Ann Sheehy a virologist and immunologist at The College of the Holy Cross. She told us these scarier variants are popping up because as the pandemic drags on and on … infecting more and more people… the virus has been busily mutating away.

And Harvard infectious disease expert Dr. Katy Stephenson discusses how the vaccine performs against the South African variant.

What are you prospects?

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