‘Humanitarian Disaster’: U.S. Shelters For Afghan Evacuees Rat-Infested, ‘Awash With Loose Feces,’ Report Says

The Daily Wire

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The Biden administration is struggling to house and process thousands of refugees coming out of Afghanistan following the Taliban’s conquest of the country.

Afghan evacuees’ living conditions at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar are “awash with loose feces and urine and a rat infestation,” according to U.S. Central Command emails obtained by Axios.

“We recognize this is a challenging and difficult situation for these vulnerable individuals and families, and we remain committed to providing a secure, safe and sanitary environment,” Navy Capt. William Urban, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command, told Axios. “It has been challenging to keep up with the flow, but we have made progress in caring for and safeguarding these vulnerable individuals and in getting them moving onward.”

Supervisory special agent Colin Sullivan, who serves as a liaison between the State Department and U.S. Central Command, described the situation as a “life-threatening humanitarian disaster” in an email to colleagues at the State Department.

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