Hunter Reportedly Didn’t Earn A Dime At Insulated Star-Studded Event, But Attendees Insist Art Is ‘Terrific’

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Hunter Biden, the suddenly-artistic son of President Joe Biden, rolled up to his New York art gallery debut to show off his high-priced paintings to his fancy, rich friends. It was immediately clear, though, that this event was for members only as Secret Service guarded the door and heavy curtains barred passers-by from being able to peer in.

The novice painter, who is somehow fetching nearly $500,000 for his works, was pictured walking to the location with his wife Melissa Cohen, daughter Maisy Biden, and young son Beau. Valerie Biden Owens, President Biden’s sister, was also in attendance and raved about Hunter’s work, calling it “spectacular.” High-profile guests such as “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Meghan King and art critic Donald Kuspit were also there.

Kuspit praised Biden’s artwork as “terrific” and described him as a “serious artist.” However, there were no sales made during the event despite the massive amount of money possessed by the people who attended. It is being described as a “social event.” You can see some photos here.

Critics, however, view Biden’s sudden jump into the creation and sale of art as an influence-peddling exercise, allowing those with money to effectively buy access to the Biden administration. While those associated with the presidency deny the possibility, others contend it is the only way for such an inexperienced artist to get away with charging so much for novice works.

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