HYSTERICAL! President Trump Responds To Tragic Photo Of Kellyanne Conway’s Loudmouth Liberal Husband

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On Tuesday, conservative activist Caleb Hull sent out a tweet making fun of Lincoln Project hack George Conway. The tweet is a picture of George Conway on CNN, where Hull asks if Conway is ‘ok.’

George Conway is the husband of Kellyanne Conway, who was a Counselor to President Trump and one of his most strident defenders in office.  George went in the other direction, joining the fraudulent Lincoln Project and exposing himself as a RINO.

After Hull chided him in his tweet, President Trump responded to his question with a hilarious official statement.

“No, he’s mentally ill, a very sick man. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to him, but it must have been really bad. She has totally destroyed this guy—his mind is completely shot!”

George has provided the liberal media with endless fodder to attack President Trump. Conway still tries to revive the thoroughly discredited Russiagate hoax, casting doubt on the Durham probe’s findings.

In 2019, Conway wrote an article saying that Trump was unfit for office. In the article, he stops short of accusing Trump of committing an impeachable offense and simply says that he is ‘psychologically unstable.’ I wonder how well that argument has turned out for him with Biden in office.

George’s political hackery has not only ruined his public perception, but may also be harming his marriage and family life.

According to an article published last month in The Sun, Kellyanne Conway was considering divorcing George but chose not to for the sake of their children. His own children are on record attacking him for paying more attention to politics than them. George allegedly blocked his own daughter on Twitter after she publicly criticized him.

Maybe George should stop obsessing over Russia and January 6th and focus on his crumbling family life.

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