‘I Was Very Close To Going The Other Way’: Candace Asks Trump Why He Didn’t Pardon Assange, Snowden

The Daily Wire

Former President Donald Trump told Candace Owens in an exclusive interview for The Daily Wire’s “Candace” that he was “very close to going the other way” on issuing a pardon for either Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.

Owens asked the former president about pardons for Assange or Snowden, amongst a host of other questions, during an in-depth conversation, airing December 21 on Daily Wire, exclusively for Daily Wire members.

“You could have had a chance to pardon these individuals,” Owens said of Assange and Snowden. “Why decide not to in that moment?”

“You have two sides of it,” Trump explained. “In one case, you have sort of a spy deal going on, and in another case, you have somebody that’s exposing real corruption. I feel a little bit — I won’t say which one — but I feel a little bit more strongly about one than the other.”

“I could have done it, but — I will say, you have people on both sides of that issue — good people on both sides. And you have bad people on one side. But I decided to let that one ride, let the courts work it out. And I guess the courts are actually doing that.”

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