Mike Pompeo Warns Religious Freedom Increasingly Endangered In U.S.: ‘I Worry’ [VIDEO]

The Daily Wire

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that the encroachment on religious liberty that he saw while stationed as a soldier in the 1980s along the Iron Curtain in Germany has since fallen across the United States.

“Today I want to speak to you about the challenges that are ahead of you as followers of Christ, and how you should approach them and overcome them,” Pompeo said during a commencement speech last weekend at Regent University, which is an evangelical college in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Pompeo, who is a devout Christian, explained how after his graduation from West Point, he was dispatched to patrol the “border of freedom” between East Germany and West Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

WATCH (relevant portion begins at 45:45):

“Today that border of freedom is much closer,” Pompeo warned. “It’s right here in our own communities. Our freedoms, particularly our unalienable right of religious freedom, is increasingly under attack from our government, be it local, state, or federal.”

Pompeo observed that even though the founding of the United States is “deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian values,” the idea that “more and more, being a good follower of Christ” is becoming “less synonymous with being a good American.”


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