If Democrats Scream ‘Racist’ No Matter What, Republicans Must Pass Much Stronger Laws

The Federalist

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Everyone knows why Democrats don’t want voters to show ID. It has nothing to do with racism, and everyone knows it. So why are we playing this stupid game?

In March, Georgia Republicans amended their state’s election laws in a weak attempt to assuage voters disgusted with their enabling of the 2020 election circus. To punish their political opponents for requiring voter ID and creating an election season of a month long or more Democrats called up their character assassination squads.

Democrats have been throwing every bit of pressure they can at Georgia elected officials to get their way without winning power legitimately through elections. This has included pressure from Democrats’ current and last U.S. presidents, Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Biden called on companies to push his political goals outside of the legitimate political system by boycotting Georgia. He is the first president to openly push private companies to boycott a U.S. state over fully legal political outcomes he dislikes.

If it’s good enough for the airline industry, why not voting?

What’s the one word you need to know to be able to speak ‘Democrat?’ … – Racist!

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