Illinois Teacher Threatens To Call Cops On Unmasked Student [VIDEO]

National File

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An unhinged teacher threatened to call the police on a student for not wearing a mask, calling the student a “piece of sh*t.”
A video from Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois appears to show an unhinged teacher threatening to call the police on a student for not wearing his mask. In the video, the teacher calls the student a “piece of shit.”
A student who briefly took his mask off in school was threatened to have the police called on him by an unhinged teacher who called him a “piece of sh*t” in a video that is going viral online. The altercation appears to have come from Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois.

The situation in the video starts off with the student asking the teacher if he’s serious about calling the police. “Are you playing?” asked the student. “No, I’m not. Otherwise I will call the police. I’m serious,” the teacher yelled back.

“I knew you were going to take off your mask the moment I turned the corner,” said the teacher to the student. “So enjoy BIA. That’s in-school suspension, where you have to sit in a room with the military guy all day because you’re a piece of sh*t.”

It is unclear whether or not the teacher has faced any repercussions for his erratic behavior towards the student.

This comes as parents across the United States are taking positions against the forced masking of young children in schools. In a similar instance previously reported by National File, a school board in Minnesota called the police on a Christian pastor who showed up to a meeting to voice his concern over their decision to mask children without public input. National File spoke with Pastor Mike Montgomery in an exclusive interview about the situation.

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