‘I’m not giving up’: Pro-Trump homeowner faces $500 per day fine over expletive-filled anti-Biden signs

The Blaze

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A pro-Trump homeowner may face fines of $500 per day over her expletive-filled anti-Biden signage if her New Jersey town government gets its way.

Andrea Dick said the signs outside her Roselle Park home are simply an expression of her free speech rights.

“I have a right to have them up there, freedom of speech,” she told WABC-TV.

One sign says “F*** Biden,” while another says, “F*** Biden, not my president.” Another shows former President Donald Trump with two middle fingers up.

Neighbors are upset because her home is near an elementary school and the students are exposed to the profane messages.

“This is terrible. I mean, kids go by here. It’s a family neighborhood and um, why?!” said one neighbor to WABC.

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