INCREDIBLE MOMENT Nurse Jill Is Caught On Mic Telling Confused Joe To Say “God bless America”…Instead of Following Directions, Joe Hands Jill The Microphone [VIDEO]

100% Fed Up

When the Easter Bunny isn’t guiding Joe around the grounds in front of the White House, “Nurse Jill” is frequently seen helping him navigate from the podium to the stairs and safely offstage or across the White House lawn and back to the White House after exiting Marine One.

The Fourth of July should be one of the easiest speaking engagements for any American President. But Joe Biden isn’t just any “president,” he’s the “81 million vote-getter” who couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag. Fortunately for Joe, he’s got “Nurse Jill” to help him navigate when things get tough, like when he struggles to find his way off the stage or when he confuses his wife for his sister.

During a routine speech in front of a small crowd celebrating the Fourth of July, Nurse Jill once again came to Joe’s rescue. As Joe was preparing to walk off the stage, Jill can be heard whispering to him to say “God bless America.” Joe, who appeared confused, turned to Jill and said, “Okay—and,” as he placed the microphone in front of her face where Jill told the crowd, “God bless America! Thank you.”

Instead of saying “God bless America,” Jill should be saying, ” God help America!”

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