INSTANT JUSTICE: Woman Shoots Stalker Dead After He Makes Really Bad Decision

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A Texas woman shot her suspected stalker as he kicked in her front door

Thanks to access to firearms, a potential tragedy has been averted. A Texas woman shot dead her suspected stalker as he kicked open the door to her home, saving herself from whatever plans he may have had.

The woman had recently moved in order to get away from the man who was stalking her, however he followed her.

Upon kicking open her door, the would-be home invader was shot dead. When police arrived on the scene they found him with a gunshot sound to the chest, already dead.

While the investigation is ongoing and we may never know what precisely the stalker had planned, it is a safe assumption that it would not have been good for the woman.

Had Democrats gotten their way and disarmed America, she may have been left unable to defend herself from this situation.

If there is a single reason why the second amendment must be protected, it is for situations such as this one.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. With firearms available for home and personal defense, the field is leveled and individuals are capable of defending their life and property from anyone. This is what Democrats want to take away.

Neither the man nor the woman have had their identities released.

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