Internet SLAMS Biden’s Newest “ultra-MAGA” Statement

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Biden made another ridiculous “ultra-MAGA” comment and the internet let rip on him

Joe Biden made yet another ridiculous “ultra-MAGA” statement on Twitter. This time, the internet collectively slammed him for his usage of the term and the content of his comment.


From the use of “folks” to “ultra-MAGA,” to the hyperbolic and blatantly false claim… It’s a Biden statement, alright.

Some of the Twitter users who mocked his statement include Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who attacked Biden’s two-faced attitude towards women’s rights regarding appointment of transgenders instead of real women and his defense of trans athletes dominating women’s sports.

Conservative critic Graham Allen had a similar take on Biden’s Tweet.

Political commentator Carmine Sabia also laid into Biden’s false claim regarding stripping women away of rights.

Daily Wire writer, Jeremy Frankel, mocked the usage of the term “ultra-MAGA,” a term which sounds too good to have come out of this regime.

However, it is not just the right who took issue with and mocked Biden’s comment.

Max Berger of More Perfect Union thoroughly destroyed Biden’s comment for being “boring, incorrect, offensive, and demobilizing all at once.”

Activist Parker Molloy also lamented the ultra-MAGA branding.

If there’s one thing Biden can unite the country on, it’s hating him.

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