‘Is This A Joke?’: Hillary Clinton Asks For Donations To The Clinton Foundation

Daily Wire

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went online Wednesday to ask her followers to make a generous donation to the Clinton Foundation. Within seconds, social media users had torn her solicitation into sarcasm-laden shreds.

“If you’re able to give, I hope you’ll consider supporting the life-changing work of the @ClintonFdn,” tweeted the failed 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee. She retweeted a social media message from her eponymous foundation that read:

Thanks for being part of our community in 2021. Together, we’re working to:

  • Confront the climate crisis
  • Improve public health
  • Expand economic opportunity
  • Inspire citizen engagement & service

Join us and the Clinton family will triple your impact.

Twitter users appeared to have little generosity left for the Clintons’ foundation, which has long operated under an ethical cloud that it served as an influence-peddling organization shaking down foreign powers in a pay-to-play scam.

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