It Increasingly Looks Like Tucker Carlson’s Private Emails Were Leaked To The Media By The Government

The Daily Caller

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A report released Wednesday is shedding further light into Tucker Carlson’s bombshell allegation that the National Security Agency (NSA) obtained his private communications.

The Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder was communicating with U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries regarding a potential interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to Axios, which reportedly spoke to two sources “familiar with Carlson’s communications.”

“As I’ve said repeatedly, because it’s true, the NSA read my emails and then leaked their contents. That’s an outrage, as well as illegal,” Carlson told Axios in a statement.

Carlson first made the allegation last week on his show, saying that a whistleblower inside of the federal government told him the NSA was monitoring his private communications with the intention of leaking them to target his show.

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