‘It was like watching King Kong’: Brutal moment monkey batters seagull to death after snatching it out of the sky [VIDEO]

Daily Mail

This is the gruesome moment a monkey transformed into ‘King Kong’ as it scaled a 20ft-tall pole and snatched a passing seagull out of the sky – before savagely smashing it to death and eating it.

The shocking incident took place at Chester Zoo, Cheshire, on Saturday, February 26, when visitors witnessed the capuchin monkey grabbing the large bird as it flew past.

Bec Adamson, 32, was enjoying a ‘lovely day out’ at the zoo with her son and former partner when she saw the scene unfold and began filming.

The video captured the fearsome monkey holding its prey by the head and repeatedly slamming it against the side of a wooden pole in its enclosure.

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