It’s Not Just The U.S. Where Biden Is Polling Poorly… How To Say “Let’s Go Brandon” In Five Languages

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President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have been in a historic freefall since shortly after he took office. According to an Associated Press-NORC poll last month, Biden’s overall approval rating here in America was at 39%, a remarkable drop from the 63% he enjoyed in the months following his inauguration. Keep in mind, that the AP is a left-leaning polling outlet meaning that in reality, Biden’s popularity is likely even lower.

Biden’s polling amongst Republicans is in the single digits, unsurprisingly, but independents overwhelmingly disapprove of the president, and his numbers are even down with Democrats. The trend is unmistakable. Americans think Biden is a lousy president. But what about internationally?

Most of us on the right couldn’t care less what Europeans or Asians or anyone else around the world thinks of us. We have an “America First” mentality and tend not to pay attention to how we’re perceived by Norwegians and Argentinians. Our mentality is this: Let them do their thing, we’ll do ours, and good luck.

But that’s not the case with our friends on the left. The perception of our country and our leaders is paramount to narcissistic Democrats. Image is everything, reality be damned. When President Donald Trump would say or do something stupid (which, be honest, he would do on occasion), American leftists would lose their collective mind. “He’s an embarrassment on the world stage,” they would scream. “We’re so ashamed to have this person as our leader,” they would tell us. We heard their cries for four years.

So, how is Joe Biden doing with international opinions? We were told when he was “elected” that the “grown-ups are back in charge.” We were told that our dignity in the eyes of the world had been restored, and we were once again being led by a respectable leader. Therefore, Biden must be doing great, right? Those Belgians and Brazilians must adore him, don’t you think? Um, not so much.

According to Newsweek via a Pew Research poll:

“Confidence in Joe Biden has declined sharply around the world since his first year in office, even as global views of the United States continue to improve…

Some of the biggest declines were recorded in Italy (down 30 points), Greece (down 26 points) and Spain (down 25 points), while drops in excess of 15 points were also reported in Singapore (down 22 points), France (down 21 points) and the Netherlands (down 19 points), Pew’s results found. Among countries where directly comparable data was available, only South Korea (up 3 points) recorded an increase in confidence in Biden.”


Much of Biden’s unpopularity, according to Newsweek, can be attributed to his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer. But it’s undoubtedly more than just Afghanistan. The entire globe is suffering from an economic downturn, and America’s problems are leading the way.

The gas price crisis around the world can be directly linked to the Biden Administration’s far-left energy policies. Europeans would be fools if they didn’t feel less safe with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which was a direct result of Vladimir Putin being emboldened by Biden’s Afghanistan fumble. And the woke insanity from America’s left has gone too far for even the Europeans, who are shifting away from our leftists’ bizarre transgender ideology.

As remarkable as Biden’s fall from grace has been in the United States, that plunge in public opinion doesn’t stop at our borders, it is traveling across the planet like the Jetstream. Therefore, in our never-ending effort to keep our readers informed, we bring you this public service, free of charge. If you find yourself engaged in conversation with someone from overseas, it might come in handy to know how to say, “Let’s Go Brandon” in their native tongue. Here are five translations to consider:

Italian:                 “Andiamo Brandon!”

Spanish:              “Vamos Brandon!”

French:                “Allons-y Brandon!”

Greek:                  “Páme Bránton!”

Dutch:                  “Laten we gaan, Brandon!”

That should hold you over for now. In the meantime, let’s look at the bright side: 2024 is only two years away. And that goes for you in Italy and France as well.

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