James Woods Humiliates Monica Lewinsky After her 6 F-Bomb Rant

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Former President Bill Clinton’s disgraced paramour, Monica Lewinsky, simply could not contain her rage after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade, going on a profane Twitter rant against the justices.

Language and sexual innuendo warning on all sides for this one.

Showing an utter lack of breeding and contempt for the Supreme Court ruling as the country succumbs to violence, Lewinsky tweeted, “f**k you roberts. f**k you thomas. f**k you alito. f**k you kavanaugh. f**k you gorsuch. f**kk you coney barrett.”

The response to her profane tirade was swift and blistering. Lewinsky was pummeled on social media.

Florida Republican candidate Lauren Spicer had one of the all-time best comebacks ever uttered on Twitter, “The babies were on your dress, not your stomach.”

For anyone who ever even considered for a second that Lewinsky was turning conservative, her pitching a fit like this over the scuttling of Roe vs. Wade should disabuse them of the idea completely and permanently.

Conservatives ripped into Lewinsky with enthusiasm.

“You’re all about anti-bullying activist and look how you’re tweeting the F word towards individuals. That’s pretty hypocritical and classless,” one mom tweeted.

Actor James Woods nailed it, “You’re going to need a bigger dress.”

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