Jill Biden Takes A Break From Being Co-President

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You can almost hear the media’s collective swoon over Jill Biden returning to teaching at a community college, making her the first first lady to leave the White House for a full-time job, according to the Associated Press.
The first lady will be back in the classroom on Tuesday, returning to her job teaching in person at Northern Virginia Community College, where’s she’s worked since 2009.

“There are some things you just can’t replace, and I can’t wait to get back in the classroom,” she said in an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine last month.

Once we get past the political theatre of this move, I think we can all be grateful that she will, at least for now, be taking a break from acting as her husband’s co-president. In recent months, Jill Biden has raised eyebrows for taking on tasks she had no business being involved in. Back in June, she posted a photo of herself working behind a desk on Air Force One with the caption “Prepping for the G7.”

Later that month, we learned that she would be representing the United States in Tokyo during the Olympics, holding diplomatic meetings with major allies.

The title of first lady is ceremonial and holds zero political power. Jill Biden had absolutely no business holding diplomatic meetings or being involved in the G7 Summit…

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