Joe Biden On the People Who Are Smarter Than Him [VIDEO]

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We all know that Joe Biden isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Okay, he’s basically a spoon among knives.

While this is something we’ve all been able to recognize, perhaps what’s really shocking is that Biden seems to be aware of his lack of intelligence. He’s repeatedly conceded that the people around him are all smarter than he is.

And we have the receipts, thanks to this great supercut from Townhall:

While you could throw a rock out the window and hit someone smarter than Joe Biden, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that Biden seems to think that everyone he knows is smarter than he is — even if it is true.

Perhaps worst of all is that he once said that his son Hunter Biden is the “smartest guy I know.”

This is the same Hunter Biden who left a laptop full of incriminating emails and photos at a computer repair shop and admitted in his memoir that he smoked parmesan cheese because it looked like crack cocaine.

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