Joe Biden Will Today Depart Washington For His Summer Home In Delaware As Afghan Crisis Rages On

Daily Mail

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Joe Biden will leave Washington DC on Saturday for his holiday home in Delaware – exiting the White House amid the biggest crisis of his presidency.

The president will have spent only four days in the last 15 in the White House since the Taliban took their first regional capital, with the rest of the time at Camp David or in Delaware.

His vice president, Kamala Harris, left DC on Friday night for an Asia tour. She will be absent from Washington for a week, visiting Singapore, Vietnam and then California. Her office insisted she will continue to work on the Afghan crisis while she is in Asia.

Biden also has access to secure command and control centers at all locations he travels.

This comes after Biden’s widely panned speech from the White House that presented a reality totally at odds with what is going on in Afghanistan and at Kabul airport.

Indeed, minutes after Biden said the mission to destroy Al Qaeda in Afghanistan was a success and that he knew of no circumstances where Americans had been unable to reach Kabul airport, he was flatly contradicted by the Pentagon.

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