‘Joe is LAUGHING at you all’: Ben Shapiro DRAGS a very unpopular, slowly dying mainstream media for demanding Joe Rogan be censored


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The mainstream media is terrified of Joe Rogan.

And jealous of him, so very jealous.

So they’re trying to censor and shut him down claiming he’s dangerous because he’s sharing misinformation and stuff. Forget these same jackwads have been pushing all sorts of misinformation (Russian collusion anyone?) for DECADES, Rogan is super popular and not beholden to any corporate agenda and he’s free to say what he wants so he must be destroyed.

*so many eye-rolls*

Ben Shapiro dropped them all.

Yeah, Joe’s not overly worried about the mainstream media trying to shut him down. Honestly, when they do this, it only makes him more relevant and brings in more listeners. We imagine Joe loves it when they complain about him.


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