Joe Manchin Throws More Haymakers at His Own Party and Causes Left-wing Heartburn

Red State

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If Democrats thought the holiday season was going to make Joe Manchin more cheerful toward their far-left fantasies, the West Virginian senator’s latest comments will dispel them of any such idea. Manchin continues to throw haymakers, and to the chagrin of his colleagues, his opposition to the “Build Back Better” bill appears to be strengthening.

You may recall some months ago that a report came out suggesting Manchin might leave the Democrat Party. That was largely confirmed a day later, though the senator claimed he never had any intentions of following through.

Now, he’s just openly talking about the idea.

Democrats have embarked on a full-scale pressure campaign in an attempt to get Manchin to bend to their will. That doesn’t appear to be working. Rather, the harassing crowds and snarky accusations from House members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez look to have backfired. Just a month or so ago, Manchin seemed more than amiable to a $1.75 trillion “compromise” bill.

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