Joe Rogan: “I’m Not A Doctor, But When You’ve Got Man-Boobs, And A Gut, And You’re Walking Around, And You Have Like These Toothpick arms — I’m Like, ‘Hey Buddy, You’re Not Healthy’” [VIDEO]

100% Fed Up

Bill gates has been one of the leading proponents of the Covid-19 vaccine and regularly gave his unsolicited advice about how the government should respond to the pandemic since it began in 2020.

Beyond pushing the vaccine on people and being a proponent of authoritarian responses to Covid-19, Gates also has been a leading proponent of plant-based diets. Many people might question why Bill Gates is in a position to give health advice when he is in poor physical shape despite being one of the wealthiest men in the world. Joe Rogan posed that question in a recent podcast where he said

“By the way, you look like s**t. Because if you’re eating those plant-based burgers or whatever the f**k you’re doing, you are obese,” he continued. “A guy like Bill Gates telling people when he’s got these breasts and this gut. And I’m like, this is crazy, you’re one of the richest guys on earth. You have access to the best nutrients, you could be in phenomenal shape. You’re giving out public health advice, and you are sick.”

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