Jon Stewart Defends Joe Rogan: ‘Don’t Leave, Don’t Abandon, Don’t Censor, Engage’ [VIDEO]

Daily Wire

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Comedian Jon Stewart voiced his support for podcaster Joe Rogan during the latest episode of his own podcast, “The Problem With Jon Stewart.”

Stewart explained that, in his mind, Rogan was not an ideologue — and that meant that instead of clinging to a position regardless of any new information, he was willing to change his position when presented with new facts that changed the landscape.

“This is going to be a blanket statement,” Stewart began. “And I would say this: Don’t leave, don’t abandon, don’t censor, engage. I’m not saying it’s it’s always going to work out fruitfully, but I am always of the mindset that engagement, and especially with someone like a Joe Rogan who is not, in my mind, an ideologue in any way.”

Stewart went on to argue that the proof that Rogan was not an ideologue was evident in recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” — when his guest, Josh Szeps, had challenged something that Rogan said about the potential risk of dangerous side effects in kids who get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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