Judge Removed After Allegedly Calling Colleague A ‘Fat B*tch,’ Making Employee Take Diet Pills, Using Fake Facebook Accounts To Threaten Litigants

The Daily Caller

Jefferson County, Alabama, judge Nakita Blocton was removed from her job after numerous accusations of abuse against employees, colleagues and litigants while reportedly under the influence of Phentermine or other prescription drugs.

Blocton was accused of calling another judge a “fat bitch” and “Uncle Tom,” according to the judgment of the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.

One employee accused Blocton of forcing her and others to take Phentermine, a diet pill, to “pep” them up after working late in a complaint to the Alabama Judiciary.

Employees also accused Blocton of abusive practices, including forcing them to come to work when the office should have been quarantined due to COVID-19 exposure, making them work excessive hours and threatening to fire them immediately if they did not comply in addition to wasting attorneys’ and employees’ time with lengthy rants from the bench and berating an employee for using the restroom during work.

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