Kamala Harris Could Have Been Reckless Super Spreader All Over the Place Today


Did the Biden White House feel its party affiliation protected them from infection? It seems that way, given how this administration has gone off the rails regarding COVID.

In a fair world, we’d be trashing this administration for being reckless. The stigma of getting COVID is a liberal invention. Don’t let them forget it. The CDC protocols, everything has been disregarded in the aftermath of White House Steward Joe Biden contracting the virus. He tested positive a day after he went to Massachusetts to deliver remarks about his global warming executive orders. The Rose Garden was a good enough venue for this speech, but these climate-conscious folks had to waste gas flying to the Bay State and hop into gas-guzzling SUVs so we could hear Joe lie about having cancer from the oil industry.

Joe is supposedly doing fine. The White House won’t allow the doctor to answer questions from the press. Also, Kamala Harris was a close contact. The passenger manifest for this Massachusetts trip was virtually the whole government. When Trump got it, it was a mass exercise in the liberal media exhibiting schadenfreude and offering lectures about social distancing. Now, it doesn’t matter who gave Biden COVID. Meanwhile, pictures of Trump before his COVID infection got dissected like the Grassy Knoll regarding who might be at risk for infection.

If Harris is infected, she was spreading her viral load everywhere. The vice president wasn’t wearing a mask at the National Urban League Conference today. It was clear that Harris was not following CDC guidelines. The press asked Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House COVID Rapid Response Director, why the VP was eschewing these guidelines that liberal America and this White House view as gospel. Dr. Jha was left paralyzed.

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