Kamala Harris Gets Destroyed Over Great News Tweets About The Economy

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Skyrocketing gas prices, soaring food prices, labor and housing shortages, out-of-control inflation, and panicked parents who can’t find baby formula — but Vice President Kamala Harris thinks she can convince Americans that everything is just great with a single tweet.

Harris actually had the gall to brag about the stellar job creation that has occurred under the Biden administration.

“Since January of last year, the economy has added more than 8 million jobs. Businesses have reopened their doors. Schools are back in person. And, while there is more work to be done, we have made real progress in getting our economy back on track,” she tweeted.

Apparently, the veep thinks we’re all too stupid to figure out that these are just the jobs that were lost during the pandemic returning as businesses and schools reopened.
Even CNBC called BS on the Biden administration’s shameless whoppers about the economy.

“The economy — and this is an important point — hasn’t added one single job from the 2019 high watermark. Not one. All the jobs that we have seen gained are recovered jobs that were lost. We are not yet producing new jobs. In fact, we’re still about nearly four million jobs short,” said ADP chief economist Nela Richardson on “Squawk Box.”

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