Kamala Harris In Painfully Awkward Interview With Joy Reid [VIDEO]

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Vice President Kamala Harris is becoming notorious for her embarrassing tendency to repeat certain words or phrases when she speaks.

Who could forget the time she weirdly repeated the phrase “the significance of the passage of time” four times in less than 30 seconds?

And then there was the strange “word salad” speech in which she kept repeating the phrase “work together” over and over in a single rambling sentence.

Most recently, the vice president got stuck in yet another speech loop, this time seemingly inspired by the person she was speaking to, or at least that person’s name: Joy.

During an interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid, the vice president repeated the word “joy” four times in about 30 seconds while responding to a question about the Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation hearings.

“I will tell you, Joy, I experienced great joy when I watched this brilliant, phenomenal black woman, jurist, be so smart and just cut through the political gamesmanship they were attempting to incite,” Harris said of Jackson. “And she just was composed and, as far as I’m concerned, was taking a whole lot of people to school. And I watched with incredible joy because it was brilliance being displayed for the entire country to see, and I cannot wait to see, that will only be matched by the joy that I experience when I see her take the oath to be the next justice on the United States Supreme Court.”

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