Kamala’s chief of staff to leave office, citing ‘personal reasons’

The Post Millennial

Vice President Kamala Harris is experiencing yet another turnover of staff, this time being her chief of staff, Tina Flourney. On Thursday it was revealed she was leaving for “personal reasons.”
She’ll be replaced by Harris’ senior advisor Lorraine Voles, who previously worked as a communications director for Al Gore when he was Vice President. She was also an adviser for Hillary Clinton back in 2008.

In a scoop from the Washington Post, much of their write-up includes mention of how Flourney leaving will revive people’s attention to the “high frequency of staff turnover” when it comes to working for Kamala Harris.

Flourney’s job was overseeing the strategy for the Vice President, and organizing the staff members that worked under her.

“I will be eternally grateful tot he Vice President for giving me this amazing opportunity,” said Flournoy in a statement. “Life has taught me — or maybe someone told me — that if you see a frog on top of a post, it didn’t get there on it’s own. Thanks for all of your help lifting me up — everyday.”

“We are done for now” with staff turnover, a source close to the VP’s office told CBS.

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