Keith Olbermann Posts ‘Cringe’ Video Rant Calling Unvaccinated People ‘Snowflakes,’ ‘Morons,’ ‘Losers,’ ‘Cowards’ — And Observers Stick it to Him

The Blaze

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Leftist attention-seeker Keith Olbermann called unvaccinated people “snowflakes,” “morons,” “losers,” “cowards” — among other descriptors — in a Sunday night Twitter video rant, adding that they’re “afraid” of getting the shot and that vaccinated people should stop “coddling” them.

Olbermann’s clip — delivered to his nearly 1 million followers — began with him receiving a COVID-19 booster and saying it’s “time to stop coddling the people who won’t get the shot.”

The video then shifted to the former “Countdown” host triumphantly holding his vaccine card and saying “booster shot — mission accomplished.”

From there, Olbermann blasted the unvaccinated in what one Twitter observer called a “cringe” rant — and he just got louder and more wild-eyed as the camera rolled. (Content warning: Language):

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