Left Wants To Cancel 4th of July…Steal and Burn American Flags Because Babies Can’t Be Killed In Some States

100% Fed Up

When Americans were being forced to accept an experimental COVID jab as a condition to serve our nation in the US Military, remain employed, or go to college, the Left celebrated the iron-fisted dictators like MI Gov Gretchen Whitmer, CA Gov Gavin Newsom, and the disgraced former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, who, along with their lawless Attorneys General enforced the unlawful mandates in their states. So it’s curious that after the highest court in the nation reversed Roe vs. Wade yesterday, the Left would wage a campaign to erase the 4th of July because “America doesn’t deserve a holiday to celebrate its freedom and independence [from overlords in England] if they’re gonna take it away from its own citizens.”

I won’t be celebrating 4th of July this year, or any other year at this point.

America doesn’t deserve a holiday to celebrate its freedom and independence if they’re gonna take it away from its own citizens.

— Chris DeRose #NewDeal4Animation (@ScratchyDerose) June 24, 2022

The most important issue for these leftist loons living in America isn’t gas prices, an open border, or an imminent recession, but instead, how many states can legally kill babies?

Here is a heartbreaking photo of an aborted baby. The Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe Vs. Wade simply gives states the ability to decide if babies can legally be killed. If babies can’t be killed in every state, Democrats and their violent allies on the left are refusing to celebrate our nation’s independence from England.

Here are just a few of the comments by Americans who have been victims of decades of revisionist history in America by a radicalized national teachers union that has taught them America is not great and that it’s a badge of honor to “spit” on or “burn” the American flag.





This Leftist is asking people to burn a flag and commit a crime:


Here’s the Twitter profile for “Pot Luck” who’s joining Democrats across America to intimidate and threaten anyone who disagrees with their pro-abortion views. This person identifies as a “transfeminine genderfluid demon divine” that loves BLM and sports the ANTIFA rally cry “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards) and “your own personal Anti-Christ”

This person could have written a lesson plan for one of the radicalized teachers our taxpayer dollars fund every single day:


It wouldn’t be a thread of comments on virtually any topic without leftist domestic terrorists making threats to people who hold views in opposition to theirs:


Pray for our nation…

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