Leftist Female Prof Rips America For ‘Structures Built Around’ White Women ‘Geared For … Feeling Safe In Society’

The Daily Wire

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Speaking in an interview, CUNY professor and author Jessie Daniels, whose latest book is titled, “Nice White Ladies: The Truth about White Supremacy, Our Role in It, and How We Can Dismantle It,” ripped the “structures built around” white women “that are geared for our comfort, our reassurance, our, you know, feeling safe in society,” adding, “I really think that reimagining our society in a way that doesn’t center our comfort is really important.”

Daniels was interviewed by Allison Harbin, who recently noted, “Megan Thee Stallion’s song Thot Shit is the thought leadership we all need, and deserve, right now.”

Harbin stated, “In the book, you lay out, you really lay out clearly, in like the first five pages, I think, which is very admirable for somebody agonizing over their introduction … you’re really good at saying how the system is designed for white women and in particular, affirmative action … I really liked how you phrase it.”

She quoted from Daniels’ book: “Their pop culture narratives about affirmative action would have us believe that it is a system that offers unfair advantage to black, indigenous, or other people of color. Yet the reality is that it’s white women who benefit most. And it is advantage they pass on to their families.”

She quoted Daniels writing that her book was a “road map for undoing white womanhood and the destructiveness it causes.” She asked, “Can you unpack that a little bit?”

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