Leftist YouTube “Personality” Tells Viewers “Someone should BOMB that building!” Where 2022 NRA Convention Was Being Held

100% Fed Up

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Ethan Klein is a leftist YouTube “personality.” He currently has 334K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

During a recent podcast, the YouTube “personality,” who likes to think of himself as “funny,” was talking about the NRA convention that was held in Houston, TX last week.


The snarky Klein lauded opponents of the NRA, by commending them on their protest outside of the NRA building. “So there was a big protest outside the NRA meeting, which was good.” He asked an unidentified person in the room with him, “Do we have any insight into what they’re actually talking about there, at the NRA meeting, today, in Texas?”

Suddenly, the YouTuber took it to a whole ‘nother level…because apparently, a peaceful protest by opponents of the NRA convention wasn’t good enough for the leftist YouTuber. “Someone should bomb that building!” Klein said with a straight face. Klein smirks and then appears to be looking at someone in the room, and responds, “ok, I’ll roll that back.” The other male in the room can be heard laughing as he agrees with Klein, “Roll that back immediately,” he says. Klein laughs.

In 2021, 100 Percent Fed Up was permanently suspended from YouTube with no warning for reporting about voter fraud, yet YouTube appears to have a completely different set of standards for leftist podcasters who threaten to blow up a building filled with hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people simply because they hold opinions that are in contrast to his.

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