Liberal Media Ignores Winsome Sears’ Historic Virginia Win; ‘The Five’ Reacts

Fox News

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“The Five” discussed the liberal media’s response to the Virginia governor’s race Wednesday.

Judge Jeanine Pirro said, “While the media is calling voters racist, what they aren’t mentioning is Republican Winsome Sears winning in Virginia’s lieutenant governor’s race – the first woman of color to win that particular office in the state’s history.”

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe in a neck-and-neck election widely seen as a referendum on President Joe Biden’s policies. In New Jersey, the Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, is projected to win by a narrow margin against Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

Jesse Watters rebutted the claim that the results were yielded by race and referred to the win as “a rainbow coalition.”

“They’re saying this is about race. Well, how could it be? This is a Virginia state that voted for Barack Obama twice. Youngkin won Hispanics 55% … He doubled Trump’s numbers with Black women. That is what they call a rainbow coalition. This wasn’t a base election. This isn’t a blue state that he won independents by almost 10.”

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