“What the hell is wrong with you Lindsey Graham?” Tells Capitol Police, “Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them,” [VIDEO]

The Daily Mail

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South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urged law enforcement officers to shoot the violent Donald Trump supporters who breached the US Capitol on January 6, a new report claims.

He reportedly yelled at Capitol Police to ‘use’ their guns to fight for the Senate while officers were attempting to evacuate him and other lawmakers amid the chaos.

On Sunday the Washington Post released the second of its extensive three-part investigation into the Capitol riot. Titled ‘Bloodshed,’ it details in chronological order the tension and fear felt by lawmakers and police as they escaped – in some cases just barely – violent Trump supporters who broke glass and illegally entered the halls of Congress.

On that day at 2:19pm, when rioters had already broken inside, Capitol police had sent an urgent warning to congressional staff inside the Capitol to take shelter in an office or other area away from any windows.

House and Senate lawmakers were being evacuated to an ‘undisclosed location’ but some, including Graham, reportedly stayed in the chamber for a short while longer.

According to the report Graham, 66, was furious that he had to flee the Senate chamber in the face of oncoming rioters.

“We give you guns for a reason—use them,” he said during the riot (via Fox News):

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham urged Capitol police to use their guns and regain control of the Capitol on Jan. 6, a new report details.

“What are you doing? Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them,” Graham told Capitol police, according to an extensive report from the Washington Post, which described Graham as “irate” that senators were forced to leave their chambers during the storming of the Capitol.

“We give you guns for a reason,” he said. “Use them.” The Washington Post stated the quotes were based on an unnamed Republican senator with knowledge of the incident.

Graham’s office confirmed the quotes are “accurate” in a statement to Fox News on Monday.

“Graham was quite clear on this point, noting that the backpacks and other items brought into the Capitol could have contained bombs and explosives.  The damage could have been much, much worse,” Graham’s communications director, Kevin Bishop, said.

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