Look What the White House is Lying About Now


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The White House official Twitter account blatantly lied again, and Twitter refuses to flag it

Thursday evening the official White House Twitter account made the following claims in a Tweet:

1) There were no COVID-19 vaccines available

2) 8.3 million jobs have been created in the last 15 months since Biden took power

These are both false claims, and yet Twitter has not flagged it, nor has the White House corrected itself.

Vaccines began rolling out under President Trump towards the end of 2020, with 1.2 million doses having been administered prior to Biden even taking office.

Biden should very well know this since he had received both of his doses before stepping foot into the White House in 2021.

Additionally, reopening jobs–slowly, after a far-too-long lockdown– is not the same as creating new jobs. The majority of those 8.3 million jobs were reopened jobs, with people resuming work after the Democrat lockdown was finally lifted. Allowing people to go back to work is not the same as creating a job for them–it’s like saying you saved someone because you took your boot off their neck.

These lies by the official White House account are meant to make up for the fact that many experts have recently pointed out how poorly the country has done under Biden in terms of COVID-19 response, as well as to try to provide smokescreen for our failing economy under Biden.

While the White House desperately lies to make their puppet look good, real Americans are suffering from supply shortages in essentials such as baby formula, and throwing away their life savings on gasoline and staple goods.

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