Look What Voters are MOST Concerned With… Hint: It’s NOT Abortion. Democrat Priorities Do Not Reflect Those of Majority of Americans

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Inflation tops the list of voters’ concerns while abortion ranks near the bottom

While voters are not a monolith and different people will be driven by different issues, polls from FiveThirtyEight show that most of us find our main concerns to be products of the Biden regime.

Inflation ranks supreme among issues voters are concerned about while, much to the chagrin of Democrat politicians who hoped for a boost from the Roe v Wade leak, abortion barely ranks at all.

That’s right–most American voters don’t prioritize abortion as an issue when they vote. Instead, American voters are fed up with inflation, violent crime, and illegal immigration.

Democrats has hoped to profit off of a Roe v Wade overturn, and if you listen to the news it may even look like they would, but polling shows that they likely won’t.

Only around 5% of polled voters in the US prioritize abortion as an issue when they vote, and pro-life Republicans are slightly more likely than pro-abortion Democrats to rank the issue highly. This indicates that there will be no boost in Democrat turnout from the SCOTUS leak.

Meanwhile, illegal immigration, violent crime, and inflation–all associated with Democrat rule and the Biden regime–are all highly ranked issues which voters are concerned with.

What this indicates is that people are wanting change from the current policies of amnesty for illegals, “defunding the police,” and paying over $5.00 a gallon for gas.

According to the poll, Americans are weary of these issues more than most others.

Historically speaking, inflation and a poor economy is one of the largest motivators for voting out incumbents from office as well. This poll confirms just how powerful of a motivator it really is.

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