Mainstream Media Outlet Publishes Negative Review Of Conservative Documentary… Producer Has Evidence They Watched 0% Of It

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Rolling Stone Magazine writer wrote a hit piece for “What is a Woman” without ever watching it

Another leftist hack for a leftist rag magazine has been exposed.

Matt Walsh’s hit documentary “What is a Woman” has had leftists seething and shrieking since before it even came out. Its success among open-minded and rational viewers is unimpeachable, however, leftist critics in the mainstream media have been throwing as much mud at it as possible… Sometimes without even seeing it.

Rolling Stone Magazine writer Moises Fenty, who wrote one such negative review for “What is a Woman” slamming it as “hateful,” “transphobic,” and “dehumanizing,” apparently, watched exactly 0% of the documentary before writing his review–and Matt Walsh has evidence.

According to the above Tweet, precisely 0% of the movie was watched by Fenty before he wrote his “review” (read: hit piece.)

To editor Liz Garber-Paul’s credit, she made it 11% in before she approved the story.

11% of a reality check is, apparently, as much as a rabid liberal can handle before they break out their bigotry-thesaurus and start labeling you.

While “What is a Woman” is a truly interesting documentary which explores different cultural understandings of gender and determines that it is nowhere near as fluid as liberals claim, all that the mainstream media seems to claim about the successful piece is that it is somehow “hateful” and “bigoted” by not reinforcing their delusional worldview.

If the mainstream media and the leftist elite as so fervently against something, you know it must be on the right track.

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