Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Julian Assange

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Liberals used to be counted on to defend basic civil liberties throughout the 20th, especially during the Cold War.

However, things have changed significantly in recent times. Liberal Democrats were completely silent after the British government ordered the extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, where he will face espionage charges.

This move represented a major assault on journalists and likely sets dangerous precedents for journalists who dare to expose the national security state. Liberals pulled a Houdini act and were nowhere to be found when it came to defending civil liberties in this instance.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene assumed the call of defending free speech when Assange faces likely imprisonment, a move that surprised many onlookers.

Greene tweeted on June 17, 2022,  “If we really care about the 1st Amendment then we should care about Julian Assange.

Freedom of Press is the protection of the ability to expose the truth and publish it.

This should always be protected and this freedom should always be handled with the most respect.”

Greene mentioned the case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which involved the Saudi Royal family allegedly murdering him. This grisly incident has sparked outrage among the journalist class and liberal elites.  However, these same people have not uttered a word about Assange’s case.

Greene called attention to that:

If they are upset over the Khashoggi killing then they should be upset over Julian Assange.

Is the American press afraid to speak out against the U.S. extradition of Julian Assange?

Is it because it’s not another government prosecution or attack on a journalist but yet our own?

Unlike her establishment colleagues, Greene understands that Assange is being punished because his work constitutes a major threat to the DC ruling class. In her final tweeted, she stated:

The ruling regime in America persecutes its enemies in order to strike fear in anyone who dares to expose the corruption and stand up against it.

What happens when everyone becomes too afraid to tell the truth & publish it?

Silence will protect evil.

While Greene is labeled as “fringe” and “looney” by the bobblehead media, she raises good points here about Assange. His work is incredibly valuable and paints a very damning picture of the Deep State’s agenda. Unfortunately, we live in a period of American history where real journalism is not respected, especially the kind that exposes the ruling class’s dirty secrets.

As a result, it’s going to take gadflies like Marjorie Taylor Greene to restore some semblance of respect for civil liberties because the left has completely given up on defending these freedoms

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