Marsha Blackburn: Biden’s ‘War on Oil’ Forcing U.S. to Do More Business with Communist Chinese [VIDEO]


Thursday, during an appearance on Fox Business Network,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) argues President Joe Biden’s energy policy to force a diversion from oil was making the U.S. more dependent on China.

Blackburn said the Chinese government was the globe’s leading manufacturer of equipment essential to an electricity-based economy.

“First of all, what the Democrats are trying to do is hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes, and this would be on high wage earners, it would also be on small businesses, which Joe Biden had said he would not tax the small businesses,” she said. “So, another broken promise there. Now, when you look at the effect of what they’re trying to accomplish through this, it is that power and control. Joe Biden has declared war on oil and gas. And that is why he’s gone hand in hand to the Mideast trying to get somebody to sell him more oil.”

“And now he’s looking at turning this economy into an electricity-based economy, where we’re going to be doing more business with a Communist Chinese party Xi Jinping, buying more solar panels, more electric batteries,” Blackburn added. “And as Buttigieg has said, in trying to push people into electric vehicles, which the American consumer cannot afford, they’re too expensive.”

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